The ScaleEngine Virtual Usher (SE-VU) plugin provides ScaleEngine customers added video security on their WordPress Pages. We are the technical choice for strong protection. Our SE-VU system secures your content, protecting you from rippers and guarding your investment in content production. Monetize your content safely with a real authorization solution for live streamed events and for VoD. Read more on our Stream Security page. SE-VU is available for HLS and RTMP/RTSP.


  1. The simplest way is to install the plugin from your wordpress dashboard.
  2. download the sevu_wp_plugin
  3. Upload the plugin from the dashboard by going to Plugins > Add New > Upload and Follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Configure the plugin using your ScaleEngine API credentials


Once you have installed the plugin you need to configure it with your ScaleEngine API credentials. From the dashboard go to Settings > SE-VU. The CDN #, Public and Secret API Keys, API Address, and JWPlayer key can be changed here. The API Address should not be changed unless directed, it is there for those who wish to use beta versions that may not be stable. Enter your CDN # and API Keys.

Using SE-VU WordPress Plugin

There is one method of using the SEVU Plugin: the shortcode sevu_ticket which will order a ticket and return a parameter string that you add to your video urls.

The Sevu_Ticket and Attributes

[sevu_ticket video="sestore1/demo/techsnap-0105.mp4" app_name="demo-vod"]

Attribute Definition
SEVU Ticket Attributes
video Restricts the ticket to a specific video (ex. Path/to/file.mp4). Defaulted to *
app_name Name of the ScaleEngine Video Application. Required
ip_restrict Restricts the IP Address of the ticket to the remote user. Default true
num_uses Sets the number of times a ticket can used.Default 99
expire Sets the ticket to expire at a specified time. ISO 8601 or RFC 2822 formatted date, or as a relative time string (‘+X units’). Optional

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