SEVU JWPlayer 7 Embed Shortcode (sevu_embed)

We placed this short code on our page…

[sevu_embed user=demo app_name=demo-vod video=sestore1/demo/somefile.mp4 num_uses=99999 jw_version=7]

And it generates a player that is allowed to view our content…

To test the security, attempt to play this video in VLC with the URL

To use SEVU on YOUR website, use the settings found in your demo account in the Scale Engine control panel in the plugin config:


api public key

api secret key

jw player key (if you are using jw player, be sure to use the correct key version)

And then place a short code in your page.

SEVU request example (sevu_ticket)

This will simply order a ticket for a viewer, without generating a player.

[sevu_ticket video=sestore1/demo/somefile.mp4 app_name=demo-vod]

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